These are excerpts of Phillip’s revelations given to him when he has been soaking in the Father’s light each morning.

Prophetic Outpouring 

Joel prophesied about an explosion of spiritual imaging at the end of the age. You see, the Church cannot legitimately claim to be living in the end times without the evidence of prophesying, visioning and spiritual dreaming. The scripture declares that these manifestations of the Spirit will be the signs of the end days.

It will come about after this, that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions (Joel 2:28).

When prophesying, visioning and dream visioning become the norms within the Church, then and only then, are we able to claim that we are living in the last days.

Pschychology of the Miraculous

Your faith should be pitched on what DOES happen… and not what possibly might not happen. Faith never travels alone- it’s always accompanied by signs following. Impossibilities don’t exist with God- therefore, nor should doubts for us. Inactive bystanders of faith only see the works of God from afar, but active participators of faith do the works of God. You must realize that faith doesn’t encourage God to act, but knowing that God has already acted.. it encourages us to believe. Faith acts upon what God has acted upon. Miracles aren’t faith in action but God in action. Faith is not a way of thinking- it’s a way of practicing God. Faith enables you to connect into God’s actions.

Faith never makes God an alternative solution- it makes God the only strategy.

People are willing to give doubt a descent go, just on the chance that faith won’t work for them, even though it has been proven that doubt has never worked. Doubt is a belief and faith is a belief- doubt believes in impossibilities and faith believes in possibilities..

The Bible only states that with faith miracles do happen. It never teaches that with faith miracles might not happen. However, it does teach that with doubt miracles won’t happen – so why doubt.

Healing is appropriated by 100% faith that supports 100% healing. Healing is 100% scripturally true and therefore you need to have 100% faith in it.

The Moves of God

I don’t need another move of God, I am still stoked about the first one that Jesus started. God won’t give us another move of God until we first used the Jesus move of God. In fact, all moves of God are Jesus induced.

The moves of God are never dormant- only we are.. There is no need to pray for a move of God- just respond to God’s movings and you will have a move of God…

To have a move of God, you first need to be moved by God. Moves of God are movings of the heart.

Don’t cry out for a move of God, just start moving out in faith- and God will outpour His Spirit upon that action.

Don’t pray for revival- go out and do it… by expressing and demonstrating the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is still here.

Victory in Christ

The word “victory” in 1Cor 15:57 suggests that we will face battles, but it also indicates that you won’t be beaten. Never give up the ground that Jesus won. You should never fight the same victory twice- Christ fought the first one. To give up is to give up on victory. Victory is a not an extraordinary moment of brilliance, it’s a natural response to Christ in us. Christ’s death did not give to all a fighting chance but a victorious chance. Your life in Christ is like starting a race on the finishing line in first place. We don’t run to win – we run in victory.

The Completeness of God

God doesn’t ever put you in cotton wool, He prefers that you cotton onto His power instead. When you learn to use His power then problems are not such a problem.

You needn’t ask for more of God… because you have already received all of God in Christ….. you need only learn to bask in all of God. I understand why people say this… however, they should be saying I want to experience all of God more often. When you say you desire more of God.. you really should be saying you desire to accommodate all of God more often because you have received all of God in Christ. God won’t give you more of Him unless you learn to live firstly with all of Him. If all of God isn’t sufficient, then it’s no sense in asking for more of God.

Spiritual growth means that you are expanding to the fullness of God.

God doesn’t come in portion sizes- He only comes in fullness. Spiritual infancy settles on portions. Spiritual maturity occurs when we expand ourselves to the level that we are accommodating His fullness.

Don’t allow anyone else but God tell you who you are. God will always tell you about His greatness in you. He will only tell you about Jesus in you.

The world will experience God breakthroughs when you experience God in you breaking out. God doesn’t need to breakthrough into your life because God abides within you already. It’s more accurate to say- you are to breakout the God in you so that the world around you is touched by Him.

Bill overload is not your problem- overspending is. Worry overload is not your problem- under spending time with God is.

God is not watching us and doing nothing- but rather, He is watching us doing nothing. God pours His resources upon your resourcefulness. When you see God as unlimited, nothing is able to limit you – but only yourself.

God never tests what you aren’t. He always tests who He is in you, so that you will know how BIG God is in you. God’s testings aren’t examinations of who you are but determinations of who God is in you. Testings are to determine what’s in your heart- not what’s not in your heart. And, it’s for your knowledge- not for God’s knowledge because God already knows your heart. God will only test you for the reason to show you how victorious you are in Christ. Testings are not to determine your impurities but for you to determine your preciousness to God. God never tests to see what you don’t have but He tests to show you what you do have. BIG testings are only to prove how BIG God is in you- this produces BIGGER faith in you to do BIGGER things for Him. God’s testings are never for negative reasons. God’s testings are to prove to you how impeccable God is in you. BIG testings… prove how BIG God is in you, which always proves to be BIG victory for you.

Even God’s smallest answers are bigger than your largest problems.

The New Genesis in Christ

The New ‘in-Christ’ Creations was God’s final creative act- the first one was in the beginning recorded in Genesis 1-2. At the cross, God made a brand new ‘in-Christ’ species. Through Christ, believers have been rebirthed into new creations. You aren’t a modified, renovated or recreated version of the old creation, but believers undergo a brand new ‘Genesis’ or a brand new starting point- you were created as a brand New ‘in-Christ’ Creation. You are no longer anchored to your old Adamic humanity, but God through Christ has anchored you to Christ’s divinity. Through Jesus, you are free to live as the New ‘in-Christ’ Creations!

Everyone living is born into sin and the only way out of it is to be born out of it. The Kingdom of God calls this rebirthing phenomenon…the ‘new birth’. Believers are born out of Adam and reborn into Christ. When you are reborn into Christ, you are reborn into His righteousness and holiness, as well.

Out of Christ, people are human beings having human experiences. In Christ, believers are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences with God. This is what your transformation is all about. You are a new creature in Christ, meaning that your spirit is alive and therefore you have become a spiritual being, who is living Jesus through your humanity.

Your spirit became the New YOU, in Christ.

Spiritual Pathways

As you travel along your spiritual pathway, there are three places that you need to leave a footprint- in the promise land, on the enemy’s neck, and within the holy ground of heaven.

Spiritual Fervor

YES, of course I am a God fanatic – God is EXTREMELY glorious and therefore I live Extremely in awe of Him.

The Church is afraid of crazy for God believers… and so is Satan.

Becoming ecstatic over a sporting victory is considered acceptable but becoming ecstatic in church is considered “fleshly and soulish” yet the Church has more reason to get excited…. because of Christ’s victory. Soulish (emotional) love is not an option- it’s a commandment. Jesus commanded us to love God with our souls.

All of us have a ‘Michal’ (David’s wife) in us to contend with… it’s called self-consciousness.

What is the strongest attribute- perseverance or enthusiasm? Most people suggest that it is perseverance, but consider this-

The things that don’t continue to shine are dull things. What we love we are desperate to keep, and what we don’t love we look to throw out. When spirits fade out, apathy fades in and endeavors fade off.  When enthusiasm clouds over, everything else becomes murky. People don’t hang around long at boring events. Appetites are non-existent without cravings. Enthusiasm keeps old dreams young. Discouragement quells endurance, but enthusiasm quells discouragement. If enthusiasm vanishes, determination will follow it. In chilly times when the fire goes out, things will grow cold. Sustainability holds on to passion. When the heart dies, so does its pulse. Without a heart, living things die. To loose heart is fatal. Therefore, perseverance needs enthusiasm to survive.

Enthusiasm is therefore a stronger attribute than perseverance.  Always cultivate your enthusiasm because out from it grows spiritual growth.

If you work on enthusiasm, you will persevere in your ministry, marriage, relationships, work, faith and for God.

Fervor is the essence of revival.

Expanding Your Spiritual Limits 

You can afford to think extravagantly about yourself… you are after all God’s workmanship.

When you spend all that you earn it leads to poverty but when you spend all that Christ earned for you – it leads to spiritual prosperity.

Living within your means only applies to the economic realm. Unfortunately, there are plenty of believers living within their means spiritually. God intended you to live exuberantly and excessively in Him. You can’t afford to shortchange your spirituality by not investing fully in His full measure. You experience spiritual growth more progressively, when you experience God more extensively.

Christ is the possibilities dwelling in you that make all things possible. God can do all things through you through Christ who strengthens you. Christ is the all things possible in you that makes all things possible to us.

Your sphere of influence is relative to the distance you travel in God.

You are found with no bounds when you abound with Him.

Your spiritual horizons are determined by the direction of your focus. You expand your spiritual horizons by narrowing your line of focus to Jesus.

Being Super-Extra Ordinary

Supernatural thinkers become supernatural doers (Romans 12:2).

The Bible is a supernatural book written for ordinary people but when read with faith it transforms people in an extraordinary way so that they become ordinary supernatural people.

We need to become normally scriptural people until we become scripturally normal people, which is to be supernaturally normal. When we are scripturally normal people, we are normally supernaturally people.

Christians who aim to be “down to earth” are usually this way because they have lost their faith for the supernatural. You are connected to a supernatural God – if God is in you then God’s supernatural power abides in you to do supernatural things.

God is the extra part in an ordinary life that makes your life extraordinary.


We live in transformation.

Nature often reflects spiritual truths. The metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly is a fine example on how the Spirit of God transforms you.

With every spiritual metamorphosis there comes a breaking out phase. The spiritual renewal process involves a breakaway from the previous you and releasing yourself into the newness of your new self. You are always in a cycle of perpetual renewal. Spiritual metamorphosis includes liberating yourself in Christ so that you can become the new beautified species of His making. Spiritual renewal means that you are always becoming a new you.

Transformed people- revolutionize cultures, change communities and convert nations.. that’s us… we are people of the transformation..

There are five transformations in Christ:

  1. Transformation into light- Colossians 1:12-14
  2. Transformation of the spirit- 2 Cor 5:17
  3. Transformation by the mind- Rom 12:2
  4. Transformation of the body-  Philippians 3:20-21; 1 Corinthians 15:52-54
  5. Transformation through glory- 2 Cor 3:18

-Transformation into light- happens at salvation when we are changed from darkness into God light

-Transformation of the spirit- comes via the Spirit when we are made new creatures in Christ. This comes via the new birth experience and comes through faith in Christ’s blood

-Transformation by the mind- comes via the mind renewal process

-Transformation of the body- comes when Christ returns or when we die.

-Transformation of glory- comes via the Spirit by beholding the glory of God = visions…. How many of us have experienced this transformation?

Revelatory Transformation

We don’t know what we don’t know until the moment we receive revelation then we know what we didn’t know. Revelations reveal God in considerable brighter light. Revelations put God in a more accurate context to truth. Revelations are stairways to wider horizons. Revelation upgrades your consciousness so that you are more aware of who you are in Christ.

All truth is experiential meaning that we are able to live it, enjoy it and display it. All Kingdom truth is to be practiced. All Kingdom truth is do-able, live-able and is able to be enjoyed. We know when Kingdom truth has become true to us when it’s something that we practice. If we are unable to practice Kingdom truth then what we need is a better revelation on it… or we need a new revelation on it. Revelations quicken truth to us so that it something that we practice.

If you sow the word of God, you’ll reap its testimony.

Scriptural Transformation

When you renew your mind according to the Bible it causes your mind and spirit to be on the same page.

The best example of pre-emptive strike is someone who meditates on the scriptures daily.

Walking in the Light

God’s light gives us hindsight, insight, foresight and clear-sight. God’s presence reveals the glory of God….and God’s light reveals God in His glory. Wisdom is a better teacher in life than hindsight. When the Church becomes light conscious- sin consciousness ceases to be an issue. Walking in the light puts repentance to rest. Repentance sheds light on the path behind but enlightenment sheds light on the path ahead. Enlightenment gives us no reason to look back. Repentances regrets sin but spiritual wisdom never put us in a position where we have to regret sin. God is not calling the Church to repentance- He is calling the unsaved to repentance and the Church to light. For God is light and those who walk in light will never need to walk in repentance. Wisdom is being ‘SURE FOOTED’ (Because it avoids the things that causes us to stumble)… but repentance is being ‘SORE FOOTED’ (Because it reacts to the things that caused us to stumble). Therefore, walk in wisdom. God wants us to walk in repentance but only as the last recourse- the first recourse is spiritual wisdom. Repentance is a reaction to sin but God’s wisdom helps us to avoid it altogether. While repentance remains the buzzword of the Church, it shows how sin conscious it is. When light becomes the buzzword of the Church, it will then show how far it has progressed. God desires us to be guided by enlightenment rather than our mistakes.

Spiritual wisdom draws from the Father’s genius. A wise person regrets before the action, and therefore is never in a position to regret after the action. Don’t just seek power- seek light as well. We don’t want to be punching in the dark- we may miss our target.

Righteousness OF God

Self-righteousness works to acquire God’s approval, but righteousness works because OF God’s approval. Righteous is God’s righteousness and therefore it’s a gift given to us by God. You can do righteousness because you are righteousness. You don’t do righteousness to become righteous. If you weren’t righteous in the first case then you couldn’t do righteousness. Righteousness implies holiness because you couldn’t stand perfect before the Father unless you are perfectly holy.

Another way for saying sin consciousness is – doubt in the righteousness of God.

If you feel that you are not right with God, you will need either to get saved or get a different heart. Faith in Christ makes us right with God (righteousness). The heart is the only thing that we need to make right with God. Apart from the heart, everything else is perfect- through faith in Christ (righteousness by faith).

The True Meaning of Life

Ahhh…I have just discovered the meaning of life. WE ARE the meaning of life! We exist because of the Father’s love. He created us to love us. The reason for Jesus was because of us. The cross was the Father’s love to us. Ahhh… I have just discovered the reasons for life’s struggles- they are to get us running back into the loving arms of the Father. Ahhh… I just discovered how pitiful the enemy is- he tries to ruin our life with his problems, but they only end up chasing us back to the love of the Father. The reason we live is so that the Father can love us.

The Love of God

God desires you to operate out of love rather than a sense of obligation. If the only commandment is we have been given is love then the only obedience involves loving. Therefore, perfect obedience involves perfect loving. Then, spiritual maturity isn’t attaining to perfect standards it’s attaining to perfect love. God is not calling us to be lovely people for Him- but love crazed people for Him. Action that is fueled by God’s love reaches its destination. If you feel unloved- start loving…. People always love a loving person.

Salvation, redemption, atonement, adoption, restoration, imputation, predestination, substitution, adoption, incarnation, reconciliation, propitiation and regeneration- all these words can all be summed up into two words- GOD’S LOVE. If you understand the love of God then you understand what caused these other words. If you doubt God’s love, you are in affect doubting God completely because- God is love.

The measure of the love of God in us.. is the measure that we love what He loves….

Faith is based on the premise that God hears you and acts accordingly. Trust is based on the premise that God has your best interest at heart. The love of God is based on the premise that you are perfectly lovely just the way you are.