Phillip’s book “Seers of the Heavenly Realm” represents today’s cutting edge message derived from a bygone area called the Bible days. In other words – the message of this book is based on Bible truth.

A “seer” is someone who sees into the unseen realm. There were many seers recorded in the Bible and many of them were able to see into heaven- Micaiah, Ezekiel, Stephen, John and Paul were some of them.

Heaven is a wonderland full of excitement, noise, atmosphere and activity.  Heaven is every believer’s rite of passage – not only for when you have died but when you are still living.

Every believer has been given spiritual eyes to vision into heaven – you just need to know how. Phillip gives readers the keys to activate the “seer of heaven” experience in the book.

The author of the book of Hebrews screams out to his readers to come boldly into the throne room (Hebrews 4:16).

Experience the swirling vibrant colours, brilliant bright lights, horizon to horizon worshipping angels all dressed in glowing while apparel; angels of all sizes, curious creatures with multiple faces, multiple wings creature doted with multiple eyes, flying creatures, hooved creatures; covering cherubim; golden objects; crystalized sea reflecting light; musical playing creatures; twenty four crowned elders on golden thrones; beautiful sights appearing and then disappearing in heaven’s firmament; amber colour rainbow like substances positioned above the throne of God; the brightest of lights shining like the noon day sun out of the Father’s throne; the glory of God permeating the atmosphere;  fire of God; lightening strikes; thunders; declarations; announcements; trumpets soundings etc. .

Pentecost was the fulfillment of Joel 2:28 (prophesying, visions and vision dreaming). In Acts 2:14-18 Peter described Pentecost as the prophetic seer outpouring of Joel 2:28. This was the moment when the people of God become a prophetic people and had the capacity to become seers.

Paul mentions his own seer of heaven experiences in 2 Corinthians 12:1 and Acts 26:19.

“The content of the book is full of scriptural truth that has been washed away over time through conservative westernized influences. It’s Biblical orthodox teaching that may seem unusual to the Church now days because the Church discarded this truth after the passing of the apostles.”

“Take heaven out of the equation and your spirituality is like a vehicle that is running on two cylinders that is meant to run on three cylinders. The three spiritual cylinders are – the cross, the resurrection and the ascension (heaven). Spiritual momentum operates at full force when all three cylinders are firing all at once in your life.”

Seers of the Heavenly Realm 

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